Technoset bee -10 Frame – Langstroth Complete Beehive

Advantages of Hive Technoset bee

• Manufactured from materials with high mechanical strength

• Material suitable for food

• Provides very high protection to the swarm from external conditions

and temperatures because it has double walls and thermal insulation

• No maintenance required

• It provides very high safety in the transport of bees, because it has safety gates that do not allow the shifting of floors.

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1. We relieved the beekeeper from all the unnecessary maintenance work that he had to do on the wooden hives until now, such as painting, sanding, oiling.

2. The results of the use of the plastic blister during the last three years showed PERFECT behavior in the big ice of the last TWO years, offering great protection to the STEMNOS.

3. During the summer months, it offers great protection from the ZEST inside the hive, protecting the honeycombs and the cluster, due to the double walls and the insulation.

It was observed that during night time in the summer bees remain inside the hive due to its good climate, while in Wooden hives a large part of the flock stays abroad because of the high temperature inside the hive.

Also due to the good conditions inside the hive we achieve higher yields in honey collection and lower food consumption.

The tests were done at Karpenisi and Crete Greece showed perfect results during 36 months of operation as well as in Russia, America & Australia.

4. It is not contaminated by germs contributing to the internal hygiene of the hive which we need it very much to protect the swarm from diseases.

5. It is simply washed with water and disinfected with a brush or a washing machine.

6. Fireproofed. (see related video)

7. Warranty 8 years for material durability

8. Material suitable for food.

9. With sunscreen for the sun’s rays.

10. It is not endangered by the DARKNESS.

11. Double wall with styrofoam insulation.

12. Integrated carrying handle

13. It has safety gates between the roofs and recesses in the lid for safer transport of the cells when one cell is placed on top of the other.

14. It removes moisture because it does not have pores to retain it like wood, resulting in a healthy environment.

Many people claim that wood is a natural product and is better than plastic, here I would like to inform you about a research which was done by the beekeeping professor Fresnaye about the problems of wooden hives.

The research has reached the following conclusions:

1. A wooden hive, no matter how well painted with good quality oils, the resistance to fungi and insects does not exceed 2 years.

2. The good condition of a wooden hive SPANIA exceeds 3 years.

This research states that :

The most radical solution will probably be the elimination of wood and the use of PLASTIC MATERIALS or other synthetic products that are resistant to natural, chemical and biological factors.

Την παρατήρηση αυτή αναφέρει και ο Pierre Prost στο βιβλίο του ΜΕΛΙΣΣΟΚΟΜΙΑ στην σελίδα 125 για όσους θα ήθελαν να ενημερωθούν .

So we made this a reality by relieving the beekeeper from all the unnecessary tasks of wood by using his time for more creative things such as packaging and promoting his product by himself in the market.

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