Water Feeder

The world’s first automatic beehive water feeder! Health and sanitation all year round, direct connection to the grid or water tank.

Queen Entrance Guard

Detail of the innovative inlet/diaphragm of the new octocapsule. Along the hive, eight different color entrances are fitted with a reflected flight board for easy identification by the queen duringthe return from her honeymoon.

One hive,
for all jobs!

Unique design that allows you to transform the embryo chambers into 2 or 3 apartments for better and more efficient growth of swarms and queens!

and research

30 years non stop research, design and production of Greek products! Our love for the bee and the beekeeper gives us the strength to continue withnew ideas and innovative products.

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Innovative, new

Technobee offers innovative products of excellent quality at the best
market price.

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Innovative Products with Patents

Innovative products for the beekeeper.

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Because in the summer I "die of thirst".

Automatic water supply system, 10 litres capacity with connection to the water supply network or water tank

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New Product!

SAFETY JUG (950-0091)

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One beehive, all the work!

Unique design that allows you to transform the gonad nest into 2 or 3 compartments for better and more efficient growth of swarms and queens!

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Global Recognition

Our products have been very successful in the beekeeping industry in Greece and in many countries abroad.

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Technoset Bee was founded in 2002 a branch of Technoset which for 40 years has been manufacturing moulds for all sectors for industrial and domestic use.

In our modern machine shop we design and produce top quality and cost-effective beekeeping products.
Years of research and development have resulted in design patents for our products.

Honeycomb with honey

Honeycomb with honey is a genuine and natural product with great beneficial properties and is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, antibiotics. The honeycomb with honey is extracted directly from the hive without any processing, just as the bees made it.

Honeycomb is a 100% natural product rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, contains antibiotic substances and has strong immune action.


They said about us!

The first Polypropylene Cell (Food-Grade PP) from Hellenic Hands

Why choose us

Quality Guarantee

The products are made of controlled materials. Our products are accompanied by a guarantee of up to 8 years for the durability of the materials.

Secure Checkout

Payments through our site using a credit or debit card are made securely via PayPal, or bank.

Technoset Reliability

Technoset company for over 30 years has been involved in the design and production of industrial and household design products.

Product Innovation

We develop innovative products with all the necessary safety certificates for Greece and many countries abroad.

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The monetary value of pollinators

Pollinators contribute an estimated €1,200 billion a year to global agricultural production. This was announced by Professor Nikola Gallai from the Higher National Agronomic School of Toulouse.

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