Technoset bee Frame with 3 Rotating Cell Bars

KIT includes:
• 3 cell bars
• 60 cell cups
• 1 modified Langstroth deep frame.
• 360° rotating bars

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The rotating rod, is plastic, its ends are circular to snap into the socket,
which is attached to the ends of the frame vertically.

Along its length, the rod has 10-20 positions where the artificial cells are placed for the bees to deposit the royal jelly. The artificial cysts shall be placed on the bar
buttons for very easy use. When removing the frame from the hive, in order to make the
to remove the royal jelly from the hives, the beekeeper simply rotates the rod with the artificial cells and from the vertical position in the hive, brings it to the horizontal position or wherever necessary to complete the work and, with one movement, returns it to its original position to start the same operation again, after having carried out the appropriate manipulations.

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