Technoset bee Ultra Top Feeder

The Ultra Top Feeder has a lip around the outer edge to locate over plastik and wooden boxes. It consists of two feeders. The outer feeder holds 4 litres of syrup
and the inner feeder 1.1 litres. The inner feeder has only small entries to the feeder gallery to restrict the quantity of syrup taken per day.

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The ultimate top inner feeder for every season!
Center sugar grinder for easy access of the swarms to their food the winter months
Curved lid for holding the temperatures above the sugar dough so it does not freeze.
It has a small feeder that uses in the spring to solve the problem of stimulant feeding.
The small feeder has openings from which bees have access consuming 1 kg of syrup in 4-5 days helping beekeeper from the daily feed
To feed large pollen patties, remove the inner feeder, add the pattie direct over the frames and fit the supplied lid over the pollen pattie
to prevent bees getting into the syrup feeder and drowning.
It has a safety door for entry-exit which makes it easier for the bees during the winter months to fly more easily to evacuate the
gut, protecting the bees from the intestines, protecting the the development of diseases such as nosemias.
It has a peripheral lip to protect against the rainwater and wind
The feeder has small air vents at each end. They line up with small vents in the roof. This is excellent for getting rid of moist air in the hive.
Also acts as a hive mat.

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